124th U.S. Open

Pinehurst No. 2

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Vladimir Guerrero Jr. crushing dingers in an empty Rogers Centre sounds like artillery fire

Vladdy Jr. fever isn’t what it once was. A raging inferno in early 2019, the Vladdy virus has receded to a simmering 101 in recent months, thanks in part to the Toronto Blue Jays being about as relevant as the Buffalo Bisons and, of course, the emergence of Pete Alonso as the MLB’s new chonky home run king. That said, Vladimir Guerrero Jr. still has more pop than a midwest supermarket, and this video of him crushing BP dingers in an empty, echoing Rogers Centre makes that abundantly clear. Sound way the hell up, people.

Straight mortar fire—shelling the second level like the beach invasion just started. No fans is going to suck this year, don’t get us wrong, but if that means we get to hear Vladdy go boom like this on a nightly basis, it will almost make up for it . . . almost.

While this clip offers some new perspective on Vladdy’s power, we shouldn’t be surprised by it. The man literally has his own hashtag—#plakata—to describe the sound the ball makes coming off his bat. If the Jays sound guys we’re smart, they’d throw a little reverb and delay on there—maybe even a touch of gain—pan it left and right and give the surround sound folks at home the full Vladdy-in-stereo experience.

Sure, the neighbors might hate it, but since when you do care what they think?