The Hands Team

This is it, this is the catch of the year

October 01, 2021

While the eyes of the football world were on Jaguars-Bengals on Thursday night (lolllll JK), an ACC duel was going down in South Beach, with Virginia and Miami duking it out to the tune of 58 points, including a wild back-and-forth second half that culminated with a doinked 33-yard chip shot for the win as time expired. You hate to see it, really you do.

We didn’t come here to talk about college kickers missing gimmes, however. That happens in every damn conference every damn week. We came here to talk about straight-up, hands-down the best college football catch of the season. Dontayvion Wicks, the floor is yours.

Shades of Lynn Swann. Matt Davinson-esque. Here, take a closer look.

In the immortal words of Jerry Seinfeld, that is one magic loogie. Being the degenerate gamblers we are, we’re willing to bet you won’t see a better grab all season, college or pro. But if you do, send it our way. We want to see it.