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Vikings grandpa puts Packers punk in headlock, is Green Bay's season in a nutshell

November 26, 2018

Things aren't so great up in Cheeseland at the moment. After a lost season without Aaron Rodgers last year, the Green Bay Packers are well on their way to a lost one with him. Following a 24-17 national TV loss to the dreaded Vikings on Sunday night, the Pack sit at 4-6-1 with a snowball's chance in hell of making the playoffs, but perhaps more disturbingly, the losing mentality has spread to die-hard Cheeseheads—some of the toughest, most frostbitten fans on earth—who are getting their asses kicked off the field as well as on it. Just ask this dude in a bucket hat and pajama pants who got Rambo'd by someone's grandpa in the middle of last night's equally uncompetitive game:

OK, so not a great look for anyone. On one hand you have a twenty-something dude getting choked out by a guy who refers to Fran Tarkenton as "young man" and on the other you have a medicare recipient (lucky!) who should have learned 70 years ago that the best way to solve a problem is generally not a chokehold. That said, there is one clear winner here, and per usual it's the old man with the disposition of a porcupine who gets immediately bailed out of looking like a jackass when the Vikings score and everybody in the entire state of Minnesota gets their memory wiped.

But don't stress too hard, Packers fans. Sounds like A-A-ron has it all figured out: