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This might be the most pathetic Little League brawl yet

August 09, 2018

Just when you thought we were home clear. Just when you thought it was August and all we had to worry about from this point forward were homicidal hockey dads and Pop Warner forehead vein guys, the Little League baseball asshole had to rear his ugly head one more time. Take it away, Texas:

Look up pathetic on your interweb dictionary of choice and it's just this gif on loop:


As is usually the case in these situations, there's no shortage of blame to go around. The parent taunting a bunch of kids by shouting "second place ain't bad!" is to blame. The coach blowing a gasket at said taunt is to blame. The guy filming the whole thing while acting righteous but slipping in little escalating jabs here and there is to blame. You know, screw it. Blame everybody but the kids. They're freaking kids and we've been over this already this week. Seriously, throw everybody in the county clink overnight. One toilet. Five idiots. 12 hours. That may seem cruel and unusual, but it's what these bottom feeders deserve.