Mullet Fever

British Open 2022: Even Vijay Singh is considering growing a mullet now

Well folks, it finally happened. The world is now in the grips of yet another pandemic. No, not Monkeypox. Mullet Fever.

Hours after Cameron Smith clinched the 150th Open Championship at the home golf with one of best damn final rounds you will ever see, the golfers of earth were on the horn with their barbers telling them NOT TO TOUCH THE BACK. Of all the mullet converts from Tacoma to Tianjin, however, the funniest had to be an old friend by the name of Vijay Singh.

Trying to picture Vijay with a mullet? Failing miserably? Don’t worry, we’re here to help.

Throughout his career, Singh has often played the heel. He’s been the picture of intensity, even by the very intense standards of his Tiger-dominated era. So it's not hard to imagine Singh embracing the whole "business in the front" side of things with open arms. The party in the back, however, is a whole different story. But they say old age has a way of softening a man, and if that doesn’t do the trick, perhaps some conditioner will.