Coupla Cold Ones

British Open 2022: Cameron Smith had the perfect response when asked how he'd be celebrating

Ask a Stanley Cup-winning hockey player how many beers fit inside the trophy, and they'll likely know the answer right away (it's 14, for those wondering). As for golf's version of the Cup, the Claret Jug, the answer is a bit more unclear.

Cameron Smith, who shot 64 on Sunday at the Old Course to win the 150th Open, is determined to find out the answer to that question. When asked how he'd be celebrating, here's how he responded:

Oh, hell yes, Cam. Safe to say it's going to be one of those "cruisy" nights he talked about earlier this week

Hopefully, Smith eventually lets us know the answer, but we can't imagine it's that many. Earlier this week, Shane Lowry told us on the "Be Right" podcast that an entire bottle of Jameson fit in the jug when he won it in 2019. A bottle of Jameson is right around 25 ounces, meaning two 12-ounce beers, and maybe a few more sips of another, would fit inside the jug. There will be refills. Lots of them. 

"I think two cans of beer can fit in there," Smith said in the winner's press conference. "I'll probably have about 20 Claret Jugs tonight."