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Video shows fan being carried out before the end of Day 1, the WM Phoenix Open is officially underway

February 09, 2024

As the old saying goes, the Masters doesn't begin until the back nine on Sunday. At the WM Phoenix Open, however, the real start is usually signified by a viral video of a fan getting, well, a bit carried away.

And, in this case, we mean that literally.

Bad weather kept players from finishing the first round on Thursday at TPC Scottsdale, but it didn't keep fans from having a good time. And after seeing this video of one guy slinging his pal over his shoulders and exiting the premises, we can safely say the 2024 WM Phoenix Open is officially underway.

America, am I right? Sleep it off, buddy. Sleep it off.

That being said, Mr. Sleepy was beaten to viral fame by a guy walking around TPC Scottsdale wearing a wedding dress on Thursday morning.

So we're really off to a hot start this year. If you're playing WM Management Open fan BINGO at home, you just need a video of a drunken wobbler, a Borat impersonator getting arrested, and a streaker to fill out your card. Fingers crossed.