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U.S. Open 2023: A decade after an amazing prediction, Rickie Fowler plays with kid who dressed up as him for Halloween

June 14, 2023

This is one of those "Life comes at you fast" stories. Just of the good variety.

On the eve of the 2023 U.S. Open at Los Angeles Country Club, Rickie Fowler played a practice round with Michael Brennan. As you can imagine, making your major championship debut and rubbing elbows with one of the PGA Tour's biggest stars would be a thrill for anyone, let alone a guy still in college. But for Michael, this had an extra special meaning.

You see, Michael grew up idolizing Rickie and was one of many kids who have dressed up as Fowler for Halloween. And it gets even better. Back in 2012, Fowler sent him a note after a photo of Michael clad in Oklahoma State orange reached Rickie. A very prophetic note, that is.

"To Mike, Look forward to playing a practice round with you at the 2025 U.S. Open! Keep up the good work!!"

How cool is that?! Turns out, Rickie was only off by a couple years!

The tour also shared this video that includes Brennan's dad explaining more about the neat set of circumstances:

Amazing. And what an amazing couple of months it's been for Brennan. The Wake Forest junior won the ACC Championship in April, then qualified for the U.S. Open last week thanks to an all-time up-and-down in a playoff.

But we're pretty sure his biggest career highlight came on Wednesday. At least, for now. A weekend pairing with his idol would top it.