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U.S. Open 2022: A very Boston U.S. Open glossary


Noelia Hn

After nearly 35 years of waiting and wondering, it's finally official: The U.S. Open has returned to the comforting confines of The Country Club. But while the GPS says “Boston,” it may as well be another planet—a planet where Sam Adams is a brewer not a founding father, where a fella by the name of Larry is worshiped as a god, and where uttering a single “R” is grounds for getting tossed in the “hahbah.” But never fear, dainty West Coast golf fan. You don't need Rosetta Stone to learn the local language. If you stick with us and keep your head down, we'll have you speaking fluent Masshole in no time.

Clam chowdah! - What you yell instead of "mashed potatoes!"

Wicked Lettuce - U.S. Open rough

Big Dig - A big cut out of a bunker

The Departed - The players who miss the cut

A Paul Revere - Any late charge on Sunday

The Green Monster - The 625-yard, par-5 14th

Storrow Drive - Striped tee shot

Duck Boats - The parking lot shuttles

Lobster Tail - TopTracer traj

On the Common - Green in regulation

Boston Tea Party - A ruling involving two or more caddies, officials, or players


Minas Panagiotakis

Tom Brady - Local guy, member here, NBD

Beanpot - The U.S. Open Trophy

The Red Coats - The LIV Golf guys

"Keh-tussy cah" - Courtesy car