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Tom Brady's college resume includes hilarious descriptions of jobs he held at two golf courses

February 01, 2023
Tom Brady 2014 AT&T Pebble Beach

(Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images)

After 23 NFL seasons, seven Super Bowl triumphs and the most impressive CV in NFL history, it's hilarious to consider that Tom Brady—who at the age of 45, officially retired on Wednesday—was like thousands of other golfers, not too long ago.

Like any other astute college student in 1998, Tom Brady drafted up a resume in the hopes of appealing to a potential employer. An NFL career was a possibility but not a guarantee for the eventual sixth-round draft pick. And so Brady put together his resume, which he shared for the first time in 2014, but it resurfaced this weekend after he led the New England Patriots to a sixth Super Bowl. Included on that resume were two positions held by Brady at golf courses—Polo Fields Golf and Country Club in Jackson, Mich., and the University of Michigan Golf Course in Ann Arbor—while he was in college.

Here's Brady's collegiate resume, in it's full, almost human glory:

It's not a surprise that Brady worked at golf courses while he was in college—he's an 8 or so handicap and a huge golfer. If he got some free golf at the incredibly fun Alister MacKenzie-designed University of Michigan Golf Course along with the position, that sounds like a home-run college gig.

Our biggest takeaway, though, is how descriptive Brady was in his resume, selling his positions at each golf club—even a little hard, perhaps. Take his Polo Fields description: "Developed interpersonal skills and exemplified flexibility in order to better serve club members." Strong use of exemplified there, Mr. Brady. That's a University of Michigan education.

And we won't rip on Brady too bad for misspelling "superintendent" under the University of Michigan Golf Course listing. There might not have been Spell Check back in the day ... Brady's an old cat.

More hilarious is that he describes himself as a "Sales Representative" at each course position. Like we said, the guy might've missed his calling when it comes to sales.

We can imagine most who have held similar positions at golf courses can appreciate Brady's diction here. From sales representative at a pro shop to the winningest quarterback in Super Bowl history. That's a quantum leap as far as we're concerned.