Hotty Toddy

Ole Miss nose tackle Tywone Malone is now cranking bombs for the Rebels’ baseball team

February 28, 2022

Not since the halcyon days of Bo Jackson and Deion Sanders has the world seen a true baseball-football timeshare. Kyler Murray was perhaps the closest we’ve come (and by the sound of things, he might be headed to the minors any day now), but in the modern era, with laser-focused specialization from the Little League level on up, the opportunity for honing various talents, especially in another sport, has been stifled to the point of asphyxiation. This weekend, however, dual-sport evangelists got a glimmer of hope in the form of Ole Miss football nose tackle Tywone Malone, who cracked his first-ever home run for the Rebels … yes, we said home run.

That’s no slot-receiver single, we’ll tell you that much. It’s a big swing from a big ugly, soaring out in right center with rows to spare. With a nickname like Ty the Tank, did you expect anything else?

Who knows how long Malone’s hog molly/power hitter reign will last. All the way into NFL and MLB stardom, like Jackson and Sanders before him? Just until the fall? We honestly don’t know, but perhaps Malone himself said it best:

Looking forward to more, that’s all we gotta say.