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Think you’re having a lousy week? This Wright State player got beaned on four consecutive at-bats

February 24, 2022

Listen, we’re not saying life is easy. You never know what the person sitting next to you is going through, and even if you did, well, World War III kind of broke out this week. It's not exactly an easy or comfortable time to be going about your daily business no matter who you are, but look on the brightside: At least you didn’t get beaned by a pitch on four consecutive at-bats this week.

That’s Wright State pitcher/outfielder (you gotta love college baseball) Julian Greenwell who started his week by taking a 95-mph fastball off the ribcage in the top of the first inning against Georgia Tech. The Rawlings magnet then continued his march of pain in the third inning, the sixth inning, and even the following day, when he was plunked by another to start his morning. You know what they say, the best part of waking up is a two-seamer up and in.

Making matters even worse for Greenwell, the Raiders were swept in their three-game series against Tech, rubbing even more salt in the wound on the bruises. So yeah, like we said before, if you think you’re having a lousy week, you probably are, but just be glad you’re not getting pelted with baseballs.