The entire Stanford dugout vibing to Jock Jams is what college baseball is all about

February 22, 2022

For those of you who spent your weekend with your head in the toilet puking your guts out at the thought of Rob Manfred and co. f—king up the professional baseball season yet again, we have news: College baseball is back and back with a vengeance.

This weekend, the moonshots were marveled …

… the web gems buffed …

… and the dingers donged.

The best highlight from college baseball’s opening act, however, didn’t happen on the diamond, but the dugout, where Stanford baseball could be seen vibing out in unison to one of the great Jock Jams of our time. Take it away boys.

That is the stuff that baseball is made of. While the Big Leaguers bicker in Marriott conference rooms over who gets a slightly bigger piece of the ginormous pie, their collegiate counterparts couldn’t care less. They have the luxury of doing it purely for the love of the game and that is infectious.

All of which leads us to our final point. On Thursday, after news broke that the MLB and MLBPA’s first meeting in weeks had lasted a meager 18 minutes, we asked baseball fans to start working on their contingency plans. Instead of Opening Day, which looks almost certain to be delayed, we pitched the Masters, but perhaps the real solution was under our noses all along:

College baseball, long may it reign.