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This simultaneous slide from two Mississippi State baserunners is mesmerizing

College baseball doesn't get the love it deserves, particularly in its regular season. That's a shame, because the sport is a content factory. Look no further than the routine ground ball that turned into a three-run, inside-the-park homer last week in the Harvard-Alabama game. And who could forget perhaps the moment of last summer in any sport, when Louisville pitcher Luke Smith dropped two hard "F--- YOU"'s at a Vanderbilt batter, followed by a "sit the F--- down." Legendary stuff. Well, not as legendary when you remember he blew the game the next inning, but the point remains: college baseball is awesome and we should be paying more attention.

A lot of folks on social media were paying attention this past weekend, when Quinnipiac catcher Colton Bender got tossed from a game against Mississippi State for arguing balls and strikes with the umpire. Here's the clip:

Obviously, the debate on Twitter is whether or not this was a strike. It's close, but it looks inside, inside enough to not argue as demonstratively as Bender did. After getting tossed, Quinnipiac gave up a 4-3 lead in the ninth and lost to fall to 1-10 on the season.

It got worse for the Bobcats on Sunday, as the No. 12 ranked Bulldogs won 8-4 to complete a three-game sweep. The highlight of the game occurred in the bottom of the fourth inning, when MSU shortstop Jordan Westburg doubled to left center and drove into two runners, whose names are Rowdey Jordan and Tanner Leggett. No, I'm not making that up. Rowdey and Tanner. You can't be more SEC baseball than that tandem.

The only thing better than their names was their simultaneous slide, which might already be the highlight of the season. Check out the incredible clip:

Simply mesmerizing. As many have pointed out in the replies, make sure to watch again and look at the Quinnipiac coach in the background throwing the clipboard in the dugout:

Screen Shot 2020-03-09 at 1.35.13 PM.png

I'd be pissed too if a couple of bros named Tanner and Rowdey were sliding into home and slappin' butts afterward. Tough scene for the Bobcats, who fell to 1-11 with the loss.