Routine grounder turns into three-run inside the park home run in college baseball game

Harvard is home to some of the most brilliant and advanced minds on the planet. On Saturday, a few of those minds on the Crimson baseball team reverted to their kindergarten form (they were probably the smartest kids in kindergarten so this shouldn't be taken as an insult) to produce one of the worst plays you'll ever see on a diamond.

Already down 4-3 to Alabama in the bottom of the eighth, Harvard got into a jam by putting Crimson Tide runners on first and third with no outs. A routine grounder would have been ideal, likely leading to a double play and only one run surrendered. A routine grounder is exactly what Harvard got, and then EVERYTHING went wrong:

This is the type of play you only see at Citi Field in a Little League game where they are playing at a field with a lot of room in foul territory and the ball is just flying around like a pinball. At a certain point, you have to just hold the ball and make everyone stop and swallow the run that scored. Live to fight another day.