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Toronto Raptors fans attempting to talk trash prove Canada is too nice for its own good

June 06, 2019

Canada is new to this NBA Finals thing. Until 2019, our upstairs neighbor had never hosted a single NBA Finals game, whether in Toronto or Vancouver or [checks notes] actually that's about it. They have a lot to learn, from advanced concepts like courtside celebrity conduct to American sports staples like trash talk, but the latter, in particular, is proving to be a tricky fit for the notoriously nice nation. Just ask Jimmy Kimmel, who found out the hard way on Wednesday, taking to the streets of Toronto to solicit some sick burns from the good, pure folk of Ontario. Viewer discretion is NOT advised.

Despite the antics of their famous Americanized superfan, it looks like the Raptors faithful still have a lot to learn. The first four subjects decline to provide any sort of criticism whatsoever, before friend of the planet #5 manages to force out "If they wan't to win, they'll have to play better than us. That's all I can say." Things don't get too much better after that, with classic fare like "You're losing tonight!?" and "Golden State ain't so Golden anymore, huh?" more or less painting the picture. Eventually an older woman manages to squeak out "Go to [whispers] hell" before immediately walking it back, saying "No I don't mean that, I just mean I hope you don't win." So much for that competitive fire...

Hell, even the Canadian Open galleries have shown up to Hamilton GC with their manners polished to a fine sheen...

No matter how polite these Raptors fans may seem, however, something tells us you'd hear a slightly different tune if the Bruins came to town for Game 7 of an Eastern Conference Finals. Just a hunch...