Tom Kim gets new puppy with Michael Phelps’ blessing

March 20, 2024

It’s too bad the last season of “Full Swing” already had a dedicated Tom Kim episode, because 40-something minutes of the phenom balancing golf, family and a new puppy with the Masters a month away would have been must-see television. Maybe Netflix can run it back with Kim and his new French Bulldog puppy in season three.

The golf phenom announced on Instagram an adorable addition to his household, Shema, and we’re excited for the updates and exploits to come. This dog ready for the golf life.

“Shema meet instagram…😍,” Kim writes. “Instagram start your comments!!! #furryfrenchie.”

Because Tom Kim is an up-and-coming star, it wouldn’t be an Insta Announcement without at least one other celebrity chipping in, and 23-time gold-medalist Michael Phelps was happy to oblige, writing: “Sooo cute! Frenchie’s are the best!”

Tom Kim is en route to becoming an Olympic participant himself in a few months, so a budding Phelps friendship with puppy playdates feels about right.

This may be Kim’s first dog, but it’s not his first golf dog interaction. Back in 2021, 18-year-old Kim had to protect his golf ball from two dogs being walked nearby at McCormick Ranch in Scottsdale.

Thanks to Monday Q Info, we have footage of this back-and-forth, including the dog-walker warning “He’ll eat it, he’ll take it! He would’ve ran up and put it in the hole for ya!”

Perhaps this is something he can teach Shema. Sit. Stay. Roll over. Ace.