Tom Terrible

Take this rare moment to bask in the glory of Tom Brady’s fallibility

December 20, 2021

We really don’t need to read you Tom Brady’s resume. 10 Super Bowl appearances, seven Super Bowl wins, three MVPs, and more ridiculous stats and accolades than we have the space (and emotional energy) to list. In his 22 NFL seasons, he’s missed the playoffs just once as a starter, adding an aura of immortality to his legend. He can do wrong—Deflategate, the shady Alex Gutierrez connections, nearly losing Gisele—but he somehow always bounces back, the beneficiary of some football Lazarus Pit known only to him.

All of which makes Sunday night so special.

On Sunday, Brady stunk. So did the reigning-Super-Bowl-champion Buccaneers, losing 9-0 to the Taysom Hill-led Saints at home in one of the ugliest shutout losses in recent memory. Brady and the Bucs didn’t run a single play in the red zone all night and only ran three inside the Saints’ 35. By the end of evening, Tom Terrific had lost his cool, nearly decapitating poor Blaine Gabbert with a Microsoft Surface …

… while also appearing to tell a Saints coach to “go f—k himself.” Think of the kids, Tom! THE KIDS!

The Bucs aren’t exactly coming unglued, but they have lost three of their last seven, including two to the Saints and one to the Washington Football Team. If you can lose to those teams, you can lose to any team, and there’s nothing Tom Brady hates worse than losing.

So drink this moment in. Don’t let it pass you by. We aren’t even rooting against Brady. If he goes on and wins his eighth Super Bowl this year, so be it. But when success is this all-consuming, this suffocating, then failure becomes a breath of fresh air.