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Adios Los Chargers

The Spanish call of Travis Kelce's game-winning TD is all kinds of electric

December 17, 2021

The penultimate edition of Thursday Night Football in 2021 lived up to the billing from start to finish on Thursday evening. It was a strap-in and hold-on affair right to the very end, with Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce walking it off in overtime on a wild 34-yard catch-and-run touchdown to stun the division rival L.A. Chargers. 

Naturally, Kelce's incredible, zig-zag style scamper produced a few electric play-by-play calls, none as chaotic the Fox Deportes Spanish broadcast call. Here it is in all its glory:

The main thing I noticed here is that this guy says the FULL names of Patrick Lavon Mahomes II and Travis Michael Kelce, which is hilarious but also something that should be adopted by every play-by-play man on the planet, at least for really big moments like this one. When dudes make huge, game-winning plays like this, they deserve the have their entire damn name shouted from the rooftops. It's a very nice touch. 

The other nice touch? "ADIOS, LOS CHARGERS!" What a knife to the back for sad Bolts fans. Speaking of sad Bolts fans, how about the Chargers radio call ...  

As good as the Spanish calls and the Gus Johnson calls and the Kevin Harlan calls of the world are, for my money the sad homer radio calls are still the king. You would thing this guy just watched his brand-new puppy get slaughtered. "Kelce... into the end zone... game over. Chiefs." In fairness, this was a daggerous loss, as the Chiefs have now gained separation in the AFC West whereas a Chargers win would have tied them at the top. Good news is the Bolts still own the top AFC Wild Card spot and still have a 77-percent chance of making the playoffs. All is well ... for now.