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Kansas City bar eviscerates Jackson Mahomes for being the worst, immediately apologizes because the internet sucks

December 16, 2021

Once again, Jackson Mahomes, brother of Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, is in the news for being... well, Jackson Mahomes, which is code for "being completely insufferable on the internet."

Apparently, when he's not dumping water on opposing fans' heads or dancing on the Sean Taylor memorial for Tik Tok views, he's actively trying to destroy local businesses. The subject of his ire over the weekend was downtown Kansas City bar SoT, which, judging by its Google reviews, seems to be a very fine establishment.

Jackson disagreed, taking to his Instagram story to let it be known that the restaurant didn't treat him properly, or at least how he expected to be treated. "The service is absolutely terrible and the servers are so rude," Mahomes said to his 255,000-plus followers in a now-deleted video.

Despite being attacked by Mahomes' followers on social media, SoT decided to snap back, posting an "apology" that doubled as an absolute evisceration of Mahomes on the bar's Facebook page. Enjoy:

It’s time to have a talk.

Today we are experiencing a lot of activity over social media regarding a recent visit paid to us by an unhappy guest. This person happens to have a lot of followers on social media and therefore it is something that we cannot ignore.

Voice, reach and influence are power. In our case, and with many businesses that are locally owned, the power of a few social media personalities can make or break that business. This grants these people this certain power to affect our livelihoods.

There are those who have built their influence by being responsible, informed, positive and sincere.

There are also those that have built their followings by being the opposite.

That being said, we have some apologies to make.

Dear @jacksonmahomes

We are sorry that we set boundaries that you tried to ignore. Often times people with un-earned status and a sense of entitlement think they are above the rules and will lash out at the employee enforcing them.

We are sorry we could not seat your very large group. As you probably saw, our bar is very small.

We are sorry that you have the reach that you do, or at least that you think you do and that instead of using it for something positive you decided to use it to try and crush a small business.

We survived a global pandemic, we’ll survive your ego.

We are sorry you didn’t reach out to us first before taking to social media, but then again that is an expectation we would have from a mature and rational person, not someone who pours water on fans and dances on the memorials of tragically lost people for TikTok clout.

We have not been fortunate enough to be born into a much more talented and much more famous family but we would like to think that if we did have that much luck- we would use our influence in more responsible ways.

We hope our apology finds you well

Goodness gracious, that was a SMACKDOWN. And, the crazy part is, none of it seems off base? Everything most rational-thinking humans already thought about Jackson Mahomes was perfectly laid out by whoever penned this epic "apology" at SoT. It's one of the better mic drops you'll ever see on the internet, and anyone who isn't a Jackson Mahomes stan (I can't believe those people exist) likely nodded and agreed with every line.

BUT, SoT briefly forgot they were in one of those pesky "the customer is always right" businesses, even though the customer in question was likely 100-percent in the wrong. Naturally, after a heaping pile of more "backlash," AKA internet comments we all bow to for some reason, SoT deleted the original apology and posted another, lamer one. The internet is the absolute worst, part 1 billion:

It’s time to talk…again.

Yesterday, we released an “apology” that was anything but authentic. The team at SoT is committed to providing every guest that walks through our doors with the best experience possible, while treating them with respect and humility. Yesterday, we failed to meet those expectations.

Social media can be used in so many different ways, & yesterday our team used it to personally attack and question the character of someone we do not know personally. Out of all the ways this situation could have been handled, we did it the wrong way.

We want everyone to know that we acknowledge our shortcomings in this situation, and even though we failed to meet our own–and we’re sure many of our followers—expectations with our social media presence yesterday, we promise to do better. To be better. To think before reacting. And most importantly, to use our following to bring the community we love so much together instead of being combative and dividing it. All each of us can do is try to be better than we were the day before.

We appreciate & love you KC.

Well, good on SoT for being the bigger man here, but again, no one would have blamed them if they left the first "apology" up forever. Honestly, they may have gotten more business, and they probably still will. One could argue that Jackson Mahomes being an insufferable internet personality gave this restaurant more publicity then it could have ever imagined, but then one would be giving Jackson Mahomes a compliment, which one can't stomach.