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T.J. Oshie's daughter asks for a goal. T.J. Oshie delivers. Hearts melt everywhere

February 11, 2020

You could argue that there is not a more universally-loved athlete than Washington Capitals winger T.J. Oshie, and the only pushback you'd get is from people who don't follow hockey and have never heard of him. And even those people might still remember him as the American hero who scored four shootout goals to beat Russia in the 2014 Olympics.

All Oshie has done since then to endear himself to fans is funnel beers at the American Century Championship, wear a beer helmet at the American Century Championship and chug beers through his shirt during the Capitals Stanley Cup parade. Slugging brews makes you an instant fan favorite. Oshie knows how to play to his base.

More importantly, he's an all-time family man. Oshie and his wife Lauren are must-follows on Instagram, and their two daughters Lyla and Leni are as adorable as it gets:

Next month, they'll be adding a fifth member to Instagram's first family, this time a boy that T.J. can mold into a beer-chugging snipe show like his pops:

Again, if you're not following the Oshie's on Insta, you're doing it wrong. On Monday, Lauren posted a video of Leni and T.J. just before T.J. left for Washington's home tilt with the New York Islanders. In the clip, Leni tells her dad if he scores a goal, she'll give him a donut:

"Love ya, one more kiss." Good lord. Hearts are melting EVERYWHERE, and that was before Oshie actually delivered, scoring the Caps' third goal of the night:

It wound up being Washington's final goal of the night in a 5-3 loss to the Isles, but T.J. got a damn good consolation prize (and Leni did too):

Welp, that's just about the cutest thing we've seen in 2020. T.J. Oshie for president. Who says no?