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Tebow Mania

Tim Tebow had the top-five best selling items on NFL Shop on Friday

Yesterday, we shared a single fifteen-second clip of Tim Tebow walking to his first practice as a Jacksonville Jaguars tight end. On paper, it was nothing. Less than nothing even. But this ain’t paper. It’s America, and in America we are required by law to freak out anytime Tim Tebow brushes his teeth. Those are the rules, and they are unflinching.

If you need more proof to the validity of Cult Tebow, however, Friday delivered, when a mere 24 hours after his Jags debut, the top-five best selling items on NFL Shop all belonged to the jump-pass Jesus.

Incredible? Stupid? Kinda weird? A little bit sad? How about all of the above? No matter how you feel about Timmy T, however, you can’t deny there is something about him that just resonates with people, especially the kind that buy replica NFL jerseys.

To wit: Tebow’s stranglehold on the NFL Shop best-seller list also made him the first player to ever have the best-selling jersey for FIVE different franchises. That takes a special blend of popularity and incompetence that very few people can balance.

Making matters even sillier, one of those teams, the New York Mets, plays in the MLB. Chances are Tebow sees as much actual game time for Jaguars this season as he saw for the Mets (that would be exactly zero minutes, for those of you keeping track at home), but the numbers don’t lie, and the numbers say he’s already left his mark.