He is Arisen

Your first look at Tim Tebow in a Jaguars uniform is here and it is glorious

It’s been six long, cold, dark years since we last saw Tim Tebow in an NFL uniform. We’ve waited patiently for The Second Coming, as foretold. We watched as the Gator Savior tried his hand at broadcasting and then baseball, a call to football welling up inside him like a scream. It has been an arduous journey full of ups and downs, laughter and tears, but today, Tebow apostles, we celebrate, for the time is not just nigh, it is now. He is arisen.

No, that’s not a mirage in the great football Gobi. That’s new Jacksonville Jaguars tight end Tim Tebow, unspoilt white gloves, thick as an ox, arriving to Jaguars minicamp on Thursday. While he won’t be lining up under center like the Mile High days of yore, but you can see his leadership remains resolute, jogging to catch up and introduce himself to undrafted rookie wide receiver Tim Jones as if Jones’ first name was Julio. That’s how you win over a locker room, folks. Nothing given, everything earned.

Where we go from here is not for us to know. The football gods work in mysterious ways. But we can only hope it’s to the wildcat on 4th and goal with the clock ticking down. Trevor Lawrence split out wide. Tebow takes the snap and dives inside, only to pop up and jump-pass it to the new 16 at the last possible second for the win. Duval goes wild, nature heals, America learns to love again, and the Tebow tale comes full circle once and for all.