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Tiger Woods takes adorable photo with kid dressed up like him for Halloween

November 01, 2019

Ever wonder what Tiger Woods dresses up as for Halloween? Well, apparently he goes as. . . Tiger Woods. The 15-time major champ goes all out for Christmas as "Mac Daddy Santa," but on Thursday he went with his standard off-course look. You know, the one where you can't tell if he's on his way or coming back from the gym. In other words, it's nothing exciting.

You know what is exciting, though? Going trick or treating and running into Tiger Woods. Even better? Going trick or treating dressed as Tiger Woods and running into Tiger Woods. As we saw with Freddie Freeman encountering a young lad dressed up as the Braves star, Woods also came across a kid dressed up as him (Apparently, this happened last year, but the photo spread on Friday). And of course, that led to an adorable photo.

And I thought I was lucky as a kid when I came across a house handing out full-sized Kit-Kats. But running into Tiger Woods and getting a picture with him?! That's a better haul than any pillowcase full of candy.