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Watch Tiger Woods nearly get taken out by a microphone in his post-round press conference

October 24, 2019

Tiger Woods is arguably the greatest golfer of all time, but unfortunately, he's also arguably the most injury-prone golfer of all time. In the past year, Woods has won a fifth green jacket and undergone a fifth knee surgery (to go along with four prior operations on his back among other ailments). And even after a successful return to the PGA Tour on Thursday following his most recent procedure, Tiger was nearly taken out by something he didn't see coming: a microphone.

As Woods went to address the media following his wild opening 64 in Japan, a mic whacked him in the forehead as it was being adjusted by a tour employee. But don't panic, people! Luckily, it was just a light tap and Tiger laughed it off. Here was the incident:

OK, so it wasn't exactly a brush with death, but this is a guy who once hurt his back because a hotel mattress was too soft. Injuries just have a way of finding him. Plus, he's not getting any younger.

Anyway, stay safe out there, Big Cat. And to everyone around him, be extra careful.