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Kid dressed as Freddie Freeman runs into the real Freddie Freeman while trick-or-treating in most wholesome video of the week

November 01, 2019

In an alternate universe, Freddie Freeman is currently partying his face off after the Atlanta Braves first World Series victory since 1995. But in the real world, Freeman and the Braves got smacked around in Game 5 of the NLDS by the St. Louis Cardinals, then had to watch as the rival Washington Nationals went on a magical championship run.

The early playoff ouster freed up Freeman's plans for the rest of October, including Halloween night, allowing the four-time All-Star first baseman to go trick-or-treating with his son Charlie. We're glad he did, because it led to one of the most wholesome videos you'll see on this wretched place called the internet. In the clip, a young kid comes running down a lawn dressed as Freddie Freeman after getting some candy, and he just so happened to be running right past Freeman himself. Chelsea, Freddie's wife, had the presence of mind to begin filming. Enjoy:

"Are you me?" What a great line. It looks like the kid has no idea who it is at first, but as his mother later confirmed on Twitter, he was actually in shock:

And here's another photo of the whole gang, including mini Christian McCaffrey and mini Drew Brees:

I've never been a big Halloween guy, but all you can do is tip your cap to the holiday when it produces content like this. It's all about the kids, the kids, the kids.