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Tiger Woods keeps it super casual in first public appearance with new green jacket

April 20, 2019

It should be no surprise that Tiger Woods made his first public appearance wearing his new green jacket at The Woods Jupiter on Friday night. The now 15-time major champ is frequently seen at his local restaurant, and frankly, if you're a golfer and you don't show up to your own restaurant showing off the green jacket, then what's the point of even owning a restaurant? What Woods wore with the coveted coat, though, drew more attention.

Let's just say Tiger kept it casual. Super casual. In fact, here he is strolling in looking like he just finished up a session at the gym:

Talk about a boss move.

And it gets better. That hat has a Frank the headcover logo on it. And the shirt is, you guessed it, a Nike mock:

It's a tough look to pull off, but Tiger does it. Although let's be honest, that green jacket would look dope with anything. Some speculated Tiger might get a note from Augusta National about wearing proper attire with the jacket, but we're guessing Woods isn't worried.

Following his thrilling win at the 2019 Masters, Woods hinted he'd be taking the green jacket to his kids' school.

"I'm excited about show-and-tell at school," he said to close Sunday's winning press conference.

But golf fans everywhere are excited to see where Woods wears it next. After a 14-year drought at the Masters, he and the coveted coat have a lot of catching up to do.