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Masters 2019: What you need to know about the new logo Tiger Woods' wore at Masters press conference


AUGUSTA, Ga. — Tiger Woods’ Tuesday press conferences at Augusta National typically are remembered for what the four-time Masters champion has to say. But it appears the 2019 edition will be recalled, instead, something else: what Tiger wore.

Or specifically what Tiger wore on his shirt.

Yes, Internet was all a flutter for the new “Frank” logo that appeared on Woods’ polo. Frank, for non-Tiger fans, is the nickname of the headcover Woods uses for his driver, which developed a persona of its own in the late 1990s through a series of Nike TV ads that brought the headcover to life.

Yet there was Frank, front and center, as Tiger fielded question.

Suffice it to say, social media had a field day:

Tiger played it coy when asked about the logo by the media, confirming it was Frank but offering few details on how he went from his golf bag to his shirt. Tiger also failed to mention that the shirt he was wearing is a newly-minted Unisex polo from Nike, leaving that up to curiosity seekers who caught a glimpse of it in the presser.

To save you a step, we’ve gathered a little intel on the shirt that the company has dubbed simply “The Nike Polo,” which retails for $65 and went on sale … wait for it … today at

“The Nike Polo was simple in principle, but hard in theory to design,” said Kelly Tweeden, VP of Creative Apparel Design, Specialty Categories. “Our design team obsessed every detail, every minutia of this simple wardrobe staple. From the innovation around the collar, so it won’t curl, to the material innovation that is poly blend Dri-FIT on the inside and a cotton pique on the outside.”

Several Nike golfers will be wearing the shirt this week at Augusta. Ironically, Tiger won’t. He instead is wearing a series of mock neck shirts that harken back to Tiger circa 2003.