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Tiger Woods’ new warm-up routine involves taking a few cuts ... at the plate

December 16, 2022

As every golfer from here to the asteroid belt is already aware, this weekend Tiger and Charlie Woods tee it up together at the PNC Championship. Scrutiny, and the inevitable blowback to said scrutiny, are at an all-time high for what was, 12 short months ago, just a fun father-son event. Despite the unexpected take-splosion surrounding the coverage of Charlie Woods, the tournament continued to do what it does best on Friday, showcasing a side of the GOAT we don’t normally get to see … namely his baseball swing. Check it out.

While much of the kerfluffle on Friday morning revolved around Charlie’s divot patterns, Tiger’s new Louisville Slugger warm-up is perhaps the more interesting nugget. Is he incorporating his move at the plate into his move on the tee box? Is he pondering a Michael Jordan-like career pivot (to DH obviously)? Did he bring the bat to ward off a few overly aggressive photographers around Charlie? You'll know when we know.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen Tiger show off his game around the basepaths, however. Back in 2016, he was seen playing a game of catch with Roger Clemens at the unveiling of his TGR Designs short course in Cabo San Lucas. While most golf fans could barely bring themselves to watch for fear of another back tweak, he did flash a pretty wicked sidearm that had Rocket impressed.

So there you have it. Tiger Woods, sneaky big baseball guy. Here’s hoping his beloved Dodgers—much like Tiger at the majors—win one more before their incredible run comes to a close.