Rickie Fowler has Matthew Wolff's signature move on lock

January 13, 2020

Golf is serious game played by serious people. Stonefaces. Straight faces. Written rules. Unwritten rules. Fist pumps. Breathing exercises. CBD micro-doses. Driver lofts. Clubhead speed. Oh, and heaven forbid you ground your club in a bunker. Your caddie will be fist fighting hecklers for the next decade. All of which is why it's more refreshing than lime La Croix when we see the guys who play it for a living cut loose a little bit and have fun. Sure, the entertainment value of four straight hours of Bryson playing Fortnite is debatable, but one thing that isn't is this video of Rickie Fowler working out Matthew Wolff's infamous kinks on the range ahead of The American Express. This, folks, is what we in the industry call "the good stuff."

But who did it better, the Tour pro or this random kid?

Consider Rickie's version the Broadway adaptation of this off-Broadway production. Rickie plays most of it for laughs, especially that little knee dip, but his form at the top, especially in the wrists, is scary accurate. Is this the swing that finally gets Rickie Fowler over that majors hump? Funny you should ask, because the answer is still definitely no.

Monday yucks aside, it's gonna be interesting to see who comes out on top as the PGA Tour hits the desert this week. Wolff will make his AmEx debut while Fowler hasn't played the tournament since 2014. Whether artist or imitator ultimately prevails remains to be seen, but after day one, Rickie is the leader in the viral clubhouse.