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This supercut of every NFL team's best walk-off win will remind you to never, ever turn off the TV

December 12, 2018
New England Patriots v Miami Dolphins

Joel Auerbach

The dust is finally beginning to settle on the Miami Miracle, a crap-tacular hook-and-lateral-cum-hail-mary walk-off that left Dolphins fans in various states of total collapse and the rest of the league basking in the balmy glow glow of a rare, albeit cherished, Patriots loss. As any Fins Fanatic would be all too happy to tell you, it was not only the greatest moment in the 34 years since the franchise last sniffed the Super Bowl, but also their greatest walk-off win period. So how does it stack up to the rest of league's most infamous—and unlikely—triumphs? Well, the NFL's social-media crack squad set out to answer that very question this week, putting together a compilation of each and every team's greatest walk-off win. Cue the goosebumps. This is about to get nuts:

From "The Catch" to "The Immaculate Reception" to the OG hail mary, there are some serious doozies in there—including the Minneapolis and Meadowlands iterations of the now universally accepted "Miracle" nomenclature. But don't worry, there still plenty of deep tracks in here for you to sink your teeth into, like Matt Stafford's fake-spike sneak and David Garrard's Gus Johnson-scored bat-down bomb. Hell, there's even a DOUBLE OVERTIME strike and a Tim Couch hail mary. Bet you don't remember those.

Some of these are fudged a little, of course. Not all are true walk-offs or even all that entertaining (a one-yard Warrick Dunn rushing TD with 50 seconds left on the clock doesn't really move the needle in the post-Kenyan Drake world), but this is still one of the best trips down NFL memory lane you will ever see. And let's be honest, we could all use the occasional reminder that in the NFL, it's never truly over...especially if Gronk is playing safety.