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This reddit thread of weird baseball fields is here to help us all get through this

April 09, 2020

Raise your hand if you're missing baseball. Yep, that's what we thought. Pretty much the whole room. Spring baseball and fall baseball are the best baseball and this year we're getting robbed of at least half by the COVID-19 pandemic. We're missing the hot dogs and homers, the beers and bombs. Hell, we're even missing the bad stuff too. What we wouldn't give to watch Joe West toss a manager out for arguing his own blow call right now. The good news, however, is that no matter how alone you might feel drifting through your meaningless, baseball-less void, you are anything but. Just take this lengthy reddit thread weird baseball fields that popped on r/baseball this week as proof of we are all together on this giant spinning Rawlings in the sky.

OK, so that last one is in Canada, but you get the picture. There are also the baseball fields that aren't really that weird, but just so DAMN AMERICA that they practically bring a tear to your eye.

Hoo boy, needless to say our allergies from those amber waves a grain are really flaring up, You'll need to give us a moment here. While you wait for us to compose ourselves, head over to Imgur, where one nameless hero has assembled all 233 photos from the reddit weird baseball field thread in one place. Enjoy.