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The Yankees and White Sox will face off on the actual Field of Dreams next August

August 08, 2019

Mark the calendars, baseball nerdz: Aug. 13, 2020. No, that's not the day your beloved children finally, mercifully go back to school— it's the day New York Yankees and Chicago White Sox play on the actual Field of Dreams in beautiful, Nowheresville, Iowa. Apparently if you build it (and Rob Manfred tells you to pack your bags), then they will come.

Now, if you're a regular reader of The Loop, you know that the only person who dislikes "Field of Dreams" more than us is Nick Offerman, but we have to say, watching Aaron Judge smack homers into a corn field on a balmy summer evening in America's Breadbasket has some serious must-see TV potential.

Beyond the date and the matchup, details on the MLB's first-ever game in Iowa remain scant. There will be a path cut through a literal cornfield linking the new 8,000-seat stadium with the original film site, and Yankees fans can rest easy knowing that it will be a White Sox home game, but unfortunately there's no word on whether the Field of Dreams will have netting/how long the line at the corn-cob concession stand will be.

All this and more will surely be revealed in the coming months, but for now just soak in the glorious American nostalgia and start trying to explain to your family why vacation next year is going to be in Des Moines and not Maui.