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This is it, this is the most Mike Leach quote in the history of Mike Leach quotes

Every time Mike Leach speaks, myself and many others who are ardent followers of college football listen. He's been a quote machine since his days at Texas Tech, providing viral gold week after week, year after year no matter what team colors he's wearing. I often wonder if it's too much, or if he'll ever jump the shark with his raccoon-hunting stories, his wedding advice or his thoughts on the game of golf.

And then he delivers a quote like the one you'll hear below, one that's so Mike Leach you can't help but tip your cap. Even in the off-season, he has our full attention. In a preview for an upcoming "E:60" on ESPN this Sunday morning, Leach was asked by ESPN's Jeremy Schaap how he'd like to be remembered. More specifically, he asked what he'd like to see in his obituary. Leach responded in vintage Leach fashion:

"What do I care? I'll be dead" is what should be engraved on Leach's tombstone. If you think this man gives a flying f--- what it says in his obituary, you haven't been paying attention. He once called a do-or-die, back shoulder fade pass play to the end zone with only eight seconds remaining and his team only down a point in field-goal range, with the entire season on the line, mind you. He throws the ball on every down unless it's fourth and double digits in his own territory. I don't think he cares what anyone thinks of him.

By the way, I've never moved so fast in my life than I did to record this on the DVR on Sunday morning at 9 a.m. ET. Must-watch TV. This is going to be one of the better hours of entertainment you'll see all summer, and it should get you significantly jacked up for another 8-1 start to the season by Washington State (only for them to finish 9-3 and play in the Holiday Bowl). Also, in case anyone was wondering where that hard F-bomb clip came from, it's from only the best NSFW video of Leach's career, in which he address his team following a 20-13 WIN and absolutely reams them out for playing like such garbage:

The best. No wonder Texas Tech hasn't won a damn thing since they stupidly let him go. Leach forever.