This fan's incredible hair has given the Utah Jazz reason to believe

When it comes to court side seats these days, it's tough to tell what's real and what's not. From dance battles to dipping chicken tenders in Pepsi to promote your non-starter music career, premium seating across America has become a watercolor smear of reality and make believe—a commercial-break-by-commercial-break test of your trusty bullshit-ometer. We generally prescribe to a pretty cynical philosophy around here—if it smells fishy, it probably is—but every now and then a moment comes along that's so transcendently, hilariously spectacular that we can't help but hope, despite every fiber of our common sense screaming the opposite, that it is as real and good and true as the ground we walk on. Utah Jazz hair lady is precisely such a moment:

On a day when millions of children around the world asked their parents if the Easter Bunny and/or Jesus was real, the most important battleground of truth was being waged inside Vivint Smart Home Arena, where an AARP-qualifying woman with an afro the shape and color of an actual basketball captured the hearts and minds of basketball fans everywhere. Was she a plant? Was she a mirage? Was she a real person and was that her real hair? We may never know the answer, but that hasn't stopped the internet from searching.

Despite their new mascot (hell, let her replace Jerry West in the logo for all we care), the Jazz still fell to the Rockets 104-101 and are now on the brink of postseason elimination. It will be a nearly impossible task for them now, but as this lone hero proves, you can take a leap of faith or remained chained to the yolk of reality forever. The choice is yours, but we choose to believe.