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This crazy Keurig trick shot will get your pulse racing faster than a triple red eye mocha

January 10, 2018

Coffee and trick shots are very important to us here at The Loop. The former shocks us back into coherence just long enough to write about the latter which keeps the proverbial lights on and round and round we go until sweet hot brown energy water goes extinct and/or the internet decides they're no longer interested in unlikely feats of accuracy. So what happens when the two combine into a single triumphant reaffirmation of everything that gets us out of bed in the morning? Well, we lose our damn minds, that's what. Hold the milk, taste the glory, America:

We don't how many tries this took. We don't know if Keurig coffee has magnetic properties. We don't know if this hero brewed himself a steaming cup o' joe in celebration. All we know is that he is A. not invited to cornhole competitions anymore and B. about to become patient zero of an online Keurig-shot pandemic that will threaten to collapse server (and Arabica) farms across the globe. Now, if you'll excuse us, we have some practicing to do in the office kitchen...