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The Washington Nationals are bringing back the Expos...well, sort of

Tim Raines - Montreal Expos

Ron Vesely

It's been a good couple of days to be one of the seven remaining baseball fans in Montreal. Last week the Tampa Bay Rays began "exploring" the possibility of playing half their home games in the poutine capital of the planet (les Diables Rayons does have a nice ring to it) and on Wednesday the Washington Nationals announced long-overdue plans to revive the beloved Expos for ONE NIGHT ONLY.

What does that mean? Well, on July 6th, the Nats will don the Expos' iconic baby blues for the first time since moving south of the border in 2005. Why are we excited? Because look at these things!

Montreal Expos v New York Mets

Focus On Sport

Montreal Expos

Focus On Sport

Montreal Expos v New York Mets

Focus On Sport

Adding to the evening's throwback festivities, which will honor the inaugural 1969 Expos, Nationals Park will also replace its iconic script "W" with the Expos' "M" while welcoming former legends like Vladimir Gurrero with traditional French Canadian concessions like smoked brisket sandwiches and, of course, the aforementioned poutine. The visiting Kansas City Royals will also don their 1969 throwbacks, which hopefully aren't baby blue, because there is such thing as too much of a good thing.

If you're wondering how these blasts from the past will hold up under the white hot lights of 2019, the St. Louis Cardinals' very own powder blue uniforms—which they've donned sporadically over the course of the season—should provide plenty of reassurance that July 6th is going to be a beautiful night in baseball.

St Louis Cardinals  v New York Mets

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