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This epic bat flip and ensuing slow trot is what Canadian semi-pro baseball is all about

September 11, 2018

If you're ever seeking light reading, we recommend, "The History of Canadian Baseball." In all respect to our friends up north, the Canucks have given America's pastime Larry Walker, Joey Votto, and one of the most lopsided trades in Major League history. And...that's it. The country's most popular team is extinct, and its Hall of Fame's standards are so low that Pete Rose, who played all of 95 games for the Expos, is in its shrine. (Seriously.)

And yet, here we are, talking about Canadian semi-pro baseball, thanks to this wonderful bat flip and ensuing slow trot, which, to the surprise of no one, resulted in clearing the benches.

Few takeaways here:

-- Canada has semi-pro baseball. Who knew?

-- That staredown. My word. The batter might as well have pulled out a pair of binoculars.

-- I don't think that bat has landed yet.

-- The staredown is somewhat understandable, as is the emotional bat flip. At this point, you'd think a sense of rationality would hit said batter, like, "Woah, maybe I should tone it down." Luckily for us, this revelation never transpired, as the batter trotted the bases at the pace of a Rascal scooter.

-- Give the catcher credit. How he didn't straight drop a piledriver on his ass is a testament in restraint.

-- In a surprise to no one, the next batter was thrown at. The unwritten rules of baseball are the best.

Major League's playoffs are still a month away, but go ahead and cancel 'em. No way they're topping this show.