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Spooky Season

The eight scariest thoughts in golf


Andrew Redington

There are a countless fear-inducing holes in golf, and the game itself presents plenty of nightmare scenarios and scream-worthy shots. But with Halloween upon us, we'd be remiss in not mentioning the sport's most sinister aspect: those dreadful, uninvited thoughts that rear their ugly head. Golf is a mental game...a mental game that can spook the hell out of us, so with that in (ahem) mind, here are the scariest thoughts in golf.

Imagining how your golf clubs are being treated by airline bag-handlers

Pigs being sent to slaughter are handled with more care.

Dreaming about the club pro watching your first tee shot

The de facto patriarch of the club. And if you fail in front of him, prepare to face eternal shame.

Picturing John Daly taking advantage of the relaxed dress code


Stuart Franklin/R&A

We're all for loosening restrictions on practice-round attire, but we don't need to see more skin from the big man.

Wondering if cart girl is out of beer

A fate worse than death.

Remembering your sister-in-law's third wedding coincides with the member-guest

Golf is fleetin family is forever ... but what happens when your golf buddies are like brothers to you?

Hearing Tiger Woods suffered another setback


Ross Kinnaird

Because sometimes reality is a nightmare.

Thinking about hitting that house right off the ninth tee

An inevitability on par with Fred Couples making the weekend at the Masters.

Believing you will never make a hole-in-one

It's like death: you know it's going to happen. Doesn't make it easier to cope with.