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The Rock gives Lovett baseball team highway pep talk, team goes on to win 23-1

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Can you smell what The Rock is cooking? No, it's not tequila or a new trailer for this summer's Jason Statham co-starring Fast and the Furious spinoff, Hobbs & Shaw, though both of those things are surely on the way. That aroma you smell wafting in from the kitchen is instead a hearty stew of capital-m Motivation. On Monday The Rock posted a video to his epic Instagram in which he was recognized while sitting in traffic by a bus full of kids going to a baseball game. In typical Rock fashion, he promptly rolled the window down and gave them a little rolling pep talk in a video that has now racked up over 18.9 MILLION VIEWS on his page alone. Check it out below if you don't believe something this awesome can still exist on the hellgate we call a planet earth.

But the best part of this story didn't arrive until Tuesday, when news eventually trickled down that not only did that baseball team win, but in the parlance of Sir Rock himself, "kicked ass," beating their opponents by an eye-popping, mic-dropping scoreline of 23-1. For those of you keeping score at home, one seven-second atta boy from The Rock is roughly equivalent to 23 runs. Let's see Mike Trout generate that kind of return on investment.

As you might notice, even that alternate angle generated another 16-something-million views. The most interesting aspect of this update, however, aren't the numbers, but his revealing response, pulling back the macho curtain just a tiny eenie weenie bit to admit, despite the worldwide jetsetting and fame (and all the gratuities and indignities that come with it), that moments like this still warm his "cold , lack heart." He even brings up his filthy truck, which, as you might expect, is splattered with mud up to to the door handles.

Needless to say, if we were in the Baltimore Orioles front office, we'd be on the phone with his agent offering up our first born son for a 10-second clubhouse Skype before first pitch on Thursday. Who knows, with a little help, a lot of luck, and The Rock on speed dial, they might just win 50 games this year.