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A visual history of The Rock's (truly, utterly) ridiculous cheat meals

December 20, 2018

If you follow The Rock on Instagram (and if you don't, why do you even have Instagram?), you know the one thing Mr. Dwayne Johnson loves more than pumping iron (and talking about Mr. Dwayne Johnson) is eating. But The Rock doesn't eat like most normal humans because, let's be honest, he's not like most normal humans. Most of the time Johnson can be found woofing down 5,000+ calories of chicken, eggs, and fish over the course of SEVEN daily meals, but every now and then he cheats. We're not talking about a Reese's from the office candy jar, however. We're talking about some of the most daunting slabs of food ever placed in front a single human being, and thankfully for us mere mortals, he documents each soul-soothing pile in vivid, mouth-watering detail. So grab your forks repurposed snow shovels and join us for a culinary journey unlike any other.


Sushi, ham, and cheese

The brownie six pack

Cookies! [full Cookie Monster voice]

Sushi and cookies

Sushi and pancakes

Tequila and Pancakes

Just pancakes

Lot and lots of Pancakes

Even a birthday cake designed to look like pancakes (the man really likes his pancakes)

And finally the most convincing defense of pineapple on pizza the culinary world has ever seen...