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The Mets outfield's 18th green postgame celebration is as classy as it gets

After a 13-4, dream start to the season for the New York Mets that included 12 games at Citi Field, it was time to hit the road for 10-game trip. First a four-game set in Atlanta, then three-game series in St. Louis and San Diego. You can't win a pennant in April, but if these Metropolitans are for real, fans would probably have liked to see them win at least six on the road, or, at worst, go 5-5.

So far they're on the right track, starting 2-2 and winning in impressive, comeback fashion on Tuesday night against Cardinals, who lead the game 4-1 in the top of the fifth. That's when the slumping Yoenis Cespedes hit an absolutely TOWERING shot to deep left to tie the game:

Hmmm... looks like someone had an early morning tee time before heading to Busch Stadium. After going down again, the Mets tied it at 5 and eventually won it 6-5 in the 10th on a solo shot from Jay Bruce to center field. It was quite a night for the Mets outfielders, who combined four two homers, four hits, three runs and three walks. That called for a postgame celebration from the trio, and it's the classiest, most-unique one we've seen yet, as they took a page right out of the 18th green at the Masters. Check it out:

We're digging it as well, Jason. No frills, no flash, just a gentlemanly removing of the caps and handshakes. Good playin' out there boys, good luck tomorrow. This is a low-key celebration we can get behind, especially for Mets fans, who like to celebrate World Series championships in April (I kid, I kid).

Could Yoenis possibly lay on this hint any thicker to the Mets? He wants to golf guys, just let the man hit the links. If he's going to hit 463-foot bombs on the road like that, the Mets might want to set up a golf simulator in the clubhouse and just let him live there.