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The maniac who covers classic songs using only MLB player names just tackled "Wonderwall"

August 01, 2019


"Wonderwall" is an annoying song. It has been ever since you went to college and the hack down the hall with a half-tuned Fender acoustic would flub through it on loop in a doomed attempt to "woo the ladies" (his words, not yours.) Who knows, maybe you hated it even before that. Let's be honest, the Gallagher bros aren't exactly a paragon of likability and that one fateful office karaoke night certainly didn't help. But thanks to Don Zemmer, AKA the creative and possibly maladjusted mind behind the recent viral cover of Eminem's "Lose Yourself" using only MLB player names, the iconic sing-a-along suddenly has a new lease on life. LIGHTERS OUT, AMERICA.

How you feel about this depends a lot on how you feel about Oasis (meh) and baseball nerdom (SHOOT IT INTO MY DAMN VEINS). If you're precious about Brit Pop and have a sex life, maybe this isn't for you, but just try to hear "Hand Affeldt Dolllllll, Gore John Vander Walllllll" without leaping up from your desk and breaking into spontaneous song. We double dog dare ya.

Sure, maybe you'll get some concerned looks from HR, but on the plus side, once you're on your corporate-mandated mental health sabbatical, you'll have plenty of time to think about what song Zemmer should tackle next. Modern or oldies, hip hop or heavy metal. The options (cough—see below—cough) are seemingly endless.