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The essential Masters contenders flowchart


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The Masters, in all its flower-loving, cheese-worshipping glory, is upon us, and with it comes the ultimate question: Who do you want to take home the green jacket? For many a majors-only golf fan, this has been a sticky proposition in the [gulp] post-Tiger era. Rory blew it, DJ is still trying, and Spieth just missed the back-to-back, but with a full field of new names and capital-N Narratives all begging to slip into that 42 extra-long come Sunday, the decision is about as stressful as a four-footer for par. Thankfully, we’re here to help in the only way we know how: With bright colors and pretty pictures. So without further ado, we present The Loop’s Masterful Masters Contender Flow Chart—your handy, dandy guide to shouting at the TV all weekend long.

Masters Contenders (3).png