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The bedtime routine in the Brees household involves throwing lots of footballs (obviously)

November 08, 2018
Pro Bowl

Don Juan Moore

Drew Brees has four children, three of which are boys. If you have kids or know anything about them, then you also know that means chaos. Lots and lots of chaos. Skateboards at the bottom of dark stairwells. Sleepover requests eight nights a week. The futile stacking of sandbags against a rising Mountain Dew tide. So what does Brees—a former MVP, Super Bowl champion, and leader of men—do when his children are washed and finally ready for bed? Why, he runs pass catching drills of course.

You can take the football guy off the football field but, well, you get where we're going with this. Very few men ever earn "allowed to play catch in the house" status, but it's safe to say Brees is one of them, especially as he turns in another career year at the age of 39. He should be a dead man for this. The nation should be mourning the loss of a national football treasure this morning. But he's Drew Brees, so he gets to live another long as he agrees to take over tooth brushing duty that is.

Brees does have a pretty good excuse for riling up the minion army this week, however. With Dez Bryant signing with the Saints on Wednesday, Brees is going to have get used to spreading the ball around a bit more, and what better place to start than with four screaming children?