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The Baltimore Orioles should be relegated from the MLB based off this absurd Yankees stat

MLB: AUG 07 Yankees at Orioles

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On Wednesday night at Camden Yards, the New York Yankees continued their utter domination of the Baltimore Orioles, winning 14-2 and extending their record to 13-2 against the O's on the season. Dating to April 4, they've won 12 straight against Baltimore, a team that has dropped seven of its last 10 and owns the second-worst record in the league behind only the Detroit Tigers, who are on a historically bad pace. It's gotten so ugly in Baltimore that the team's former star player is attempting to throw fists with the manager in the dugout:

As if the Orioles weren't broken already, the Yanks might have officially broken them in this three-game series, one in which each game was taken over by Yankee fans inside Camden Yards. The O's' iconic home stadium has become the Yankees' personal playground in 2019. Take a look at some of these stats, each one more absurd than the last:

Shoutout Katie Sharp, the GOAT of absurd stats.

But none of the above compare to this one from Yankees beat reporter Sweeny Murti. Based off this, the Orioles might need to be relegated from the MLB:

Glass half full: Orioles are up one in this particular stat. Victory!

What a brutal season for the O's and their fans. Chris Davis, who is making $21 million this year, next year, the year after that and the year after that (LOL), made some terrible history earlier this season. During this three-game set with the Yankees, Baltimore outfielder DJ Stewart attempted to make a diving catch, only for the ball to hit him in the head. In May, the O's made one of the most embarrassing plays in MLB history. And on and on it goes. At least they've had a few good moments, though (well, maybe only one).