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The 'Always Sunny in Philadelphia' gang goes to the Super Bowl

February 05, 2018

Nothing—not the "The Process" nor "The Answer" nor even the now Super Bowl champion Eagles Iggles—have summed up the true 21st-century spirit of Philadelphia quite like It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. A glue-huffing, Yuengling chugging one-way-ticket to the bottom floor of humanity, Always Sunny has enjoyed one the unlikeliest 12-season runs in sitcom history, writing a new, X-rated love letter to Philly with each and every episode. Thus, when the Birds made the Bowl for the first time since the show premiered way back in August 2005, you just knew a real-life road-trip was in order. Thankfully, the "gang" didn't disappoint.

In case you didn't know, couldn't tell, or have just arrived from Lizard Planet Galactica today, Always Sunny co-creator Rob McElhenney was born and raised in Philadelphia and is a rabid, Avian-bird-flu-infected Eagles fan. His wife and co-star, Kaitlin Olson, was born in Oregon but went into labor with their first child at a Phillies game, so she's grandfathered in. Danny DeVito, meanwhile, is Danny DeVito, so he's probably just along for the ride and loving it. The only missing piece of the puzzle was the same one that has been tormenting Always Sunny fans since the show went off the air last March: Glenn Howerton.

Although Dennis's return (or lack thereof) to the fold for season 13 remains a mystery—and his no-show at the Philadelphia sports spectacle to end them all (no really, the city may no longer exist) certainly doesn't bode well—that doesn't mean he wasn't watching:

Amen to that, Golden God.