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Terrell Owens running a sub-4.5 40 at the age of 48 is a big win for the old folks

August 25, 2022

You want to know what doesn’t age like fine wine? Football players. They don’t get better with age. They just get beat up, broken down, and eventually spit out the bottom of the closest thing we have to a modern gladiator industry. But don’t tell that to Terrell Owens, who was spotted this week recording a sub-4.5 40 at the ripe old age of 48. Take it away, T.O.

Not bad for a geezer. This spring, over 12 years after hanging up his NFL cleats, Owens came out of retirement to try his hand at the Fan Controlled Football League. At the time, he said he wanted to prove he was still in football shape and able to compete at a high level, and this clip certainly supports that premise. For comparison’s sake, here are the 40 times of the wide receivers selected in the first round of this year’s NFL Draft …

Drake London - Injured (did not run)

Garrett Wilson - 4.38 seconds

Chris Olave - 4.39 seconds

Jameson Williams - Injured (did not run)

Jahan Dotson - 4.43 seconds

Treylon Burks - 4.55 seconds

The Ohio State speedsters are clearly in a class of their own, but T.O., at more than double the age of these whipper snappers, is right there in the mix (especially when sprinting to celebrate on the Cowboys star). That’s beyond impressive and proof, in case you needed any, that he is one the best to ever do it.