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Fan Controlled Football quarterback throws touchdown, lights up joint to celebrate, makes T.O. look like choir boy

Think about all the controversial football celebrations over the years. Think about T.O. sprinting to midfield to celebrate on the Dallas Cowboys star while a member of the 49ers.

Think about Randy Moss’ “disgusting act.”

Think about the time Stevie Johnson pretended to shoot himself in the leg against the Jets to mock Plaxico Burress.

Now forget them all. On Saturday, Fan Controlled Football quarterback Jason Stewart smoked the collected history of NFL cellys (literally), when he lit up a massive joint right on the field to celebrate another TD dart. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the football future.

Stewart, perhaps best known for riding the pine at Memphis behind Paxton Lynch and Riley Ferguson, balled out on Saturday for the Zappers, leading them to a 42-14 victory, including ridiculous TD throws like this. But instead of waiting for the final whistle to let loose, he got the party started early, and then passed the baton to a fan in the stands. As Stewart later explained, his celebration wasn't just a publicity stunt, however, but part of a campaign to raise awareness for the medicinal benefits of marijuana in football.

Even so, Stewart probably doesn’t have a place in Goodell’s NFL, where smoking a joint is a bigger offense than sexually assaulting 22 masseuses. With a few more cellys like this, though, FCF could soon become the biggest football league in the world [ed note: no it can't]. Start letting fans pick the celebrations in addition to the plays, put a silhouette of Stewart ripping a joint on the logo, and watch this thing take off. Forget the moon, baby. This thing's going to Mars [ed note: no it's not].