Staples, that was easy

Chad Johnson revealed the touchdown celebration that got away and it sounds like an all-timer

While T.O. might have the stats and Randy Moss the straight cash, homie, it's Chad Johnson who will go down as the greatest prop master of the NFL has ever seen. Whether donning a mock Hall of Fame jacket, jumping behind the camera, or giving CPR to Wilson himself, Johnson made a career out of catching touchdowns and an entire personality out of celebrating them. As it turns out, however, Johnson’s best celebration was one we never got to see … at least to hear him tell it.

Incredible. The fact that Johnson had Staples Easy buttons stashed under both north and south endzones at Arrowhead and planned to hold one up for Carson Palmer to hit should he catch a touchdown is an all-time piece of what-if NFL history. Who cares if it’s not true. It’s true in our hearts and that’s what counts.

Unfortunately, Johnson and Palmer got to debut the celebration that would have spawned a lifetime of Staples Super Bowl commercials, but all hope is not lost. We don’t really know what Johnson means when he says the buttons were stashed “under” the end zones, but there’s a chance they are still out there waiting to be unearthed. And who better to dig them up than the Chiefs’ modern-day speedster. Just don’t forget your shovel, Mecole …